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Integration: Lighting, shades, climate, security, music and more…

Integration: Lighting, shades, climate, security, landscape speakers, Theater and more…
Retrofit installation – integration of lighting, shades, security, cameras, video distribution, Theater with 4K projector
At RAC Advanced Controls, we design, install and integrate leading edge environmental control and monitoring systems as well as seamless audio, video and communication solutions. Our integrated solutions allow you stay connected with your home family and friends from wherever you are, through a unified, easy to use interface.


We all enjoy good music and a well designed music distribution system in our homes. Our systems allow all members of the family to browse, select and enjoy their own music in every room. In conjunction with hard drive storage of your existing music collection, iTunes and internet radio intelligent systems allow you to listen to internet services like Pandora, Spotify and Rhapsody. This creates unlimited access to a world full of music!


Remote and time-controlled shades, blinds and curtains not only enhance the look and feel of your home, they also improve climate control and home security. You can also monitor and control your heating and air conditioning with your mobile device from wherever you are. Want to start heating your spa on your way home? No problem! As a part of our home automation service we can integrate the systems of your choice. The possibilities are endless!


With so many smart home electronics in todays residences (cinema, lighting, heating, security, music and internet services) most people would not know how to operate it all with the abundance of controllers to choose from. We can mastermind a home control system for you, bringing all the different systems together into one single interface. Wether you choose an iPad, laptop, wall mounted touch panels or your phone (iPhone or Android), we make operating these systems easy!


Create a workplace environment conducive to productivity and efficiency with leading edge communication systems. Integrate audio and video distribution, conference room control to improve project presentations and communication with clients. Know your business is secure while you are away by remotely accessing your security cameras.


Stay connected to your home or place of business with our robust industrial grade networking and communication systems. Your system may be configured to send text notifications or emails about events you define, such as a delivery person ringing the doorbell or a change to an environmental setting. In addition, our intercom systems allow for convenient communication within the home or office.


Apple based Home Integration Controls, Audio Video Distribution
HomeWorks QS Lighting Control Systems
Sivoia QS Motorized Window Shading Solutions
Custom Audio Speakers
Home Cinema Movie Players & Servers
Professional Projector Screen Products
Audio Video Receivers
Audio Speakers
Audio Amplifiers
Audio Speakers & Amplifiers
Audio Loudspeakers
Wireless Audio Products
4K LED TV`S, 4K Projectors, Audio Video Receivers
Wireless Network Products
Network Cameras and Recorders
iPad Control Screens
Motorized TV Lifts
Touch Switches & iPad Frames
Professional Theater Speakers & Amplifiers
Camera Intercom systems
Invisible Speakers
Surge Protection
Racks & Enclosures
High Definition Distribution Products
HD projectors

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